Stéphane Benedetti


Stéphane is one of our most treasured teachers.

He visits Cardiff for a weekend course once or twice every year, while we also meet him each August at the summer school in La Colle sur Loup.

Stéphane lives in Barcelona and teaches Aikido across Europe. He brings his inimitable Corsican style and his superb understanding of Aikido to every encounter. “Aikido is scientific laziness - and laziness must be very precise, not sloppy!”

Born in 1951, Stéphane Benedetti started judo when he was five and discovered aikido in 1966 under the direction of Asai Katsuaki Shihan during judo training in Germany. The meeting with Nakazono and Tamura Shihan in the same year proved decisive.

An Orientalist (Chinese, Japanese and Sanskrit studies) and religious historian, he lived for nine years in Japan where he studied under the direction of Nonaka Shihan in Miyazaki and Kobayashi Shihan in Osaka.

He had the opportunity and the delight of assisting and translating Arikawa Sadateru Shihan during his teachings in Europe but has also practiced for a long time with Tamura Shihan. He also translated and edited Tamura’s books.

Stéphane travels and teaches Aikido in Europe and, particularly for the last 10 years, he has taught Aikido in the former Soviet bloc. He is also a Technical Counsel of the Euro-Asiatic Federation, the Kalmouke Aikido Federation and Ukrainian Federation of Aikido, teacher in the Bolshoi of Moscow and founder of Mutokukai Europe, a club composed of his students and friends practicing aikido (open to the whole world).

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