Fudoshin Aikido Cardiff

Fudoshin Aikido Cardiff always welcomes beginners, visitors and new members.

Whether you are curious about Aikido, an experienced practitioner wanting to join a new club or you’re visiting Cardiff and would like to drop in for an evening of Aikido, please pay us a visit.

Discover Aikido

Aikido is a fascinating martial art that reveals its secrets slowly and never runs out of surprises.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch and best of all, try it for yourself.

Forthcoming events

  • Mark Thompson
    13th February, 3 p.m.‑5 p.m.
    A seminar with our friend Mark Thompson from Bristol Seishinkan Aikido.
  • Greg Habert
    25th to 28th February
    A weekend course with an exciting and illuminating teacher from Paris